Diary of a Football Nobody
Stage show video design

Diary of a Football Nobody is based on former Notts County player David McVay’s hilarious memoir Steak…Diana Ross: Diary of a Football Nobody.

Diary of a Football Nobody is a candid warts-and-all tale of what it was like to play football at Notts County in the 1970s – a world far removed from the riches and celebrity of the modern game.

Written by acclaimed Nottinghamshire writer William Ivory, whose successes include the screenplay for Made in Dagenham, his TV adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love and most recently the BBC One drama Bert and Dickie.

Full of down-to-earth comedy and tales of boozing, bust-ups and the unique style of the legendary Jimmy Sirrel, Diary of a Football Nobody took audiences on a light-hearted journey to a bygone age of football, marking Notts County’s 150th anniversary.


A Nottingham Playhouse production
Directed by Matt Aston
Video Designer: William Simpson
Will Simpson, Omni Studio UK
studio@omnistudio.co  +44 (0)113 8151379

Reg: 08357648