Megaphone Box
Interactive festival installation

The Megaphone Box takes the form of a public telephone box and turns it inside out. Inviting the audience to interact with their voice which is amplified, distorted and augmented through an array of megaphones and LEDs that create an evolving landscape of sound and visuals. It asks us to consider the nature of the human voice as a way of breaking down the politically imposed barriers between us. There is also an underbelly to the work that looks at the freedom of expression we have today via social media, email, and sms but how this digital voice is so easy to intercept and ultimately left wide open to exploitation.

Commissioned for Hull Freedom Festival as part of Humber Calling. Curated by Scanner, Humber Calling featured six commissions created in response to Scanner’s festival track and inspired by the festival theme of ‘Broadcast – Voices of Freedom’.

Visual artist William Simpson and Composer Toby Wiltshire proposed an idea formed between the polar opposites of private communication and protest. The megaphone was an early method employed to amplify and broadcast the voice, often called a speaking trumpet and was first conceived in the 17th century. It has often been associated with social change and is still a common sight at public protests today.


Visual Artist: William Simpson
Composer: Toby Wiltshire
Electronics: Andrew Crofts
Construction: Barney George

Will Simpson, Omni Studio UK  +44 (0)113 8151379

Reg: 08357648