Rising Sun - Bournemouth

RISING SUN is a large scale light and sound installation that comes to life as the real sun sets.

As darkness falls across the beachfront, RISING SUN brings a stunning shimmer of light and sound across the pier. Creating a poetic connection to the elements and lighting up the ocean on which it sits.

Using highly reflective materials, search lights and multichannel surround sound, it conveys the unbridled power of nuclear fusion taking place at the heart of the sun. The installation creates a highly cinematic landscape perched upon the sea.

A magical place to sit, roam, reflect and rest whilst basking in the refractions of light and sound it produces.


Creative Director: William Simpson
Sound Artist: Toby Wiltshire
Production Designer: Christopher Daniel
Structural Engineer: Corbett & Tasker
Audio Visual Technical Manager: Karl Bock
Photographer: Peter Landers
Producer: Roxy Robinson
Will Simpson, Omni Studio UK
studio@omnistudio.co  +44 (0)113 8151379

Reg: 08357648