Up and Down
Stage show video design

The boy and the penguin are back! In this adventure, the penguin really wants to fly. Ignoring the boy’s advice that it is impossible, he leaves his friend to go searching for a chance to get his feet off the ground. But will flying be everything he had hoped? This is the sequel to the internationally best-selling picture book Lost and Found and is written by the multi-award-winning author/illustrator Oliver Jeffers.

‘Up and Down’ is a funny yet touching story about the importance of friendship and reaching for one’s dreams, that speaks to all ages.


A Gaga Theatre production
Adapted from Oliver Jeffers original book
Directed by Matt Aston
Video Designer: William Simpson
Will Simpson, Omni Studio UK
studio@omnistudio.co  +44 (0)113 8151379

Reg: 08357648